The SWAN Centre is a resource that can provide 1:1 interventions and small group work to young people who are experiencing emerging or low level mental health issues.

“I would like to take the opportunity of thanking the SWAN team for the time, resources, patience and expertise that you have invested in our students over many months.  It has been successful as part of a programme to help them value learning in all its ways and hopefully see a future beyond education.”

Our provision is based upon a set of aims and objectives which we use when tailoring our provision to the needs of students:


We aim for every young person who participates in our project to build confidence. This includes confidence in their ability, their social skills and in the educational system. We work tirelessly to ensure that every young person moves on with a better mindset than when they arrived at the start of the project. We can link all participants to our other groups and sessions, to offer on-going and positive support into the future.

Skills for Life

From Emergency First Aid, to Employability, we offer life skills to students who are part of our project. With group work, we ensure that every young person leaves with a new skill which they have developed whilst with us. Often young people don’t realise that the tools they pick up along the way right from adolescence really will impact them in the future – we aim to change that!


There is a difference between confidence and self-worth and we work with young people to improve both. We strive to make The SWAN Centre’s provision inspiring, empowering and motivating, encouraging young people to realise the importance of their role in society, and most importantly, just how important they are as individuals.

Social Skills

Social skills are at the heart of much of what we do within this provision – we encourage young people to develop these skills in a supportive shared environment. From team work to leadership, we empower young people to feel confident within a social setting in order to communicate their ideas, thoughts and feelings.

Soul Searching

We give young people the opportunity to do some soul searching, through our group work and interventions. By talking through the school environment and situations this allows us to approach key issues surrounding students, and identify tools that may be applied to allow students to handle specific situations more positively. We believe that we help young people to see a better vision of themselves, and encourage them to become that vision.

We can provide a range of services tailored to the needs of individuals or small groups, please e-mail for more information: anna@theswanproject