We are now Recruiting for a Volunteer Centre Administrator

The SWAN Centre is facilitated by The South West Norfolk Youth Opportunities Project, which seeks to provide young people, from 8 years and upwards, living in the southern area of West Norfolk, with access to a wide range of positive and inclusive activities (learning, training, creative, sporting and social) from a dedicated venue.



Your role is to provide secretarial and administrative support to the Centre Manager and to the organisation as a whole.


The following are examples of the types of tasks you may do as a volunteer admin assistant.

  • Work under the direction of the Centre Manager to ensure the organisation’s administration needs are being met.
  • Help to ensure that the registration files are up to date.
  • Take room booking enquiries and ensure centre calendar is up to date.
  • Ensure all invoices due for payment are processed and cheques drawn.
  • Help the Office Administrator to deal with the mail, email and telephone enquiries and, where appropriate, refer them to the other staff.
  • Help to keep the SWAN Website up to date, by posting news updates as requested and written by the Centre Manager/staff.
  • Help ensure the office has sufficient and appropriate supplies and equipment.
  • At all times positively represent the Organisation and maintain awareness of current activities.
  • Appreciate the roles of the other members of staff to understand the differing pressures on them.

PLACE OF WORK: Your office base will be at The SWAN Centre, Paradise Road, Downham Market


Time Requirement: between 4-6hrs per week on a Tuesday

Please email ali@theswancentre.org.uk or call 01366 386259 for further information or to apply for the role.